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For User Collaboration we will also need a few different web pages to make access to the collaboration features be more web friendly. There may be other ways to implement this, but as the pages are hopefully pretty straight forward the first direction we'll investigate is doing it through restlet with freemarker templates plus css to make the html. This is how we did the current REST layer page I believe, see for example.

The pages we need are:

  • Site Home
  • Site Browse
  • Map View
  • Map Edit
  • Data View
  • Data Edit
  • Data Upload
  • User Profile
  • User Sign-up

So far we have a few mock-ups of what's desired:
(sorry these are cut off, originals attachments at

Map View

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Needs to display the comments for a map, and allow users to post a comment.  Should also display the rating and a way for the user to rate it.  And then just embed the appropriate javascript to load up the map.  Should be available at /geoserver/collab/maps/{mapname}/ as the default (html) format

Map Edit

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This should be pretty much pure javascript, just needs to put on the right header and breadcrumbs.  Should be available at /geoserver/collab/maps/{mapname}/edit   Only the user who created it will have 'save'.  Other users will just have 'save as'.  This will be the default (html) format, and the javascript will put a json document to /

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if the main user hits save.

Data View

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This is probably the trickiest page.  Needs to pull in the styles and maps that refer to this layer, as well as their ratings.  Also needs to provide links to download formats and include various metadata information, like its tag and number of views and rating.  It's basically a restyling and expansion of the existing 'layer' rest page.  Should be available from /geoserver/collab/layers/{layername}

User Profile

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The user profile should be available from /geoserver/collab/user/{username} as the default format (html).  It should list data and maps on tabs, with their names and tags, and links out to editing and viewing them.

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