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TransactionResponse refactoring

Prepared by: Paolo Rizzi, AMA - Agenzia Mobilità e Ambiente Milano (Italy)

download from here

Brief explanation

I had already refactored TransactionResponse of GeoServer, removed (quite roughly)
all the dependencies from WFS/HTTP/XML/etc. and I had it working from
a simple JUnit TestCase. It's not pluggable though.

I defined a few interfaces to represent Catalog, etc. and implemented them
using our MetaEngine. Other implementations may use GeoServer's Data and
related classes.

You can find the MetaEngine starting from

Aside: On Plugin Requirement

You will find a fairly complete breakdown of the WFS workflow and the various interesting locations at which plugin processing code can be supported here:

It should be noted that maintaining "hooks" in these locations, is important to the continued success of the VWFS project.
Jody Garnett

Final notice

All of the above, even if copyright notices are yet to be included
in the source code, is copyrighted by:
"AMA - Agenzia Mobilità e Ambiente Milano (Italy)"
We'll deliver it as Open Source, but we have not yet identified the exact License flavour
so, at the moment, we give anyone only the rights to use it for study, experiment and comment.

Obviously this is not true for code we "stolen" from GeoServer, that shall retain
its own copyright model. (application/x-zip-compressed)
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