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As GeoServer matures there are a variety of organizations that offer training. These range from online webinars, custom onsite classes, workshops at conferences, and other options. Some are introductions, other dive deep in to advanced GeoServer techniques. If you are offering training and want to promote it on this page then email the developers list and we can get you going.

Many of these organizations have more detail on the Commercial Support page, so read there for more information.

Boundless (US)

Boundless provides training and certification on GeoServer as well as OpenLayers, PostGIS, and other tools. All classes are designed by experts, with assistance from core developers of each project:

  • Introduction to GeoServer
  • GeoServer Fundamentals
  • Advanced GeoServer Features
  • GeoServer in Production
  • Deep Data Configuration: Raster
  • Deep Data Configuration: Vector

GeoSolutions (Italy)

GeoSolutions is a company with a strong commitment to providing innovative, robust, cost-effective geospatial solutions employing cutting edge technologies. They offer training on GeoServer as part of their services. You can find more information at this link.

GeoSolutions training:

  • GeoServer Advanced Training

LISAsoft (Australia)

LISAsoft offers a variety of training to customers in Australia and beyond.

Professional GeoServer series:

  • Module 1: GeoServer Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Intermediate GeoServer
  • Module 3: Advanced GeoServer


GEOCURSOS provides training on GeoServer as well as OpenLayers, PostGIS, and other tools in Brazil.

  • GeoServer Fundamentals
  • PostGIS Introduction
  • PostGIS Advanced
  • OpenLayers Fundamentals
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