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On the docket

The current plans for Tiling in GeoServer are relatively modest. The first piece is to incorporate Saul Farber's improvements to have our headers return proper caching information, and to allow users to configure the expiry on individual featureTypes. There is obviously much more to be done, but this at least gets us started. See: for more information.

What this does is allows us to put Squid in front of GeoServer, and any request that comes in will be cached so that if it's made again then it won't have to be generated by GeoServer. When combined with a client like OpenLayers, which does automatic tiling of WMS, then it takes load off of GeoServer.

The second piece of the immediate work is to improve label rendering so things don't get all screwy with the tiles. The labeling algorithms are currently geared towards dynamic generation, they should be oriented to tiles.

Specification work

We hope to contribute to open standards to make tiling of WMS much more widespread. The most work we've seen on this is at We also may participate in OGC's OWS-4, to help turn it in to a real open standard.

Future work

Built in tiling cache, automatic reset of areas of cache when transactions go through, master/slave caching, peer to peer caching on client side, ect.

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