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One large myth about Open Source projects that we would like to dispel is the idea that you can't get high quality support. The general open source way of finding support is to fully read the documentation, read all the FAQ's, and then jump on irc, or post to lists or newsgroups. Most of the time you will actually get a faster and more helpful response than from a normal commercial support center. Your questions will actually be answered by the developers who write the software and users who may have encountered similar problems. But there is a common misperception about open source software, which is that the responses from lists is all can you get, and if people don't bother to answer your question then there is no way to get additional support. That is far from the case, as there are a number of companies willing to provide commercial grades support, but at commercial prices. You can get a support package that is just like that which comes with any high priced software, even be able to call up a person.

A variety of organizations can assist directly with installations, configurations, customizations, and telephone support. We list the ones who have been most involved with GeoServer here, and as more companies are contributing to GeoServer we are slowly building a network in many countries that can offer local, customized support on GeoServer. This model is actually much better than the normal commercial model, since you pay directly for what you get, in an open marketplace. You don't get support as a side effect of buying an expensive software license (though often you have to pay far more for support even if you already bought the license), instead you get to use the software for free, and get access to the lists of developers. Only if that is not sufficient then you can pay for support. Or you can retain a company for prompt support whenever you need it. Note that this situation is the case for most any successful open source project, there are most always companies that will provide most any level of support for you, if you are willing to pay. Just because you can get lots of support for free does not mean that you can't get even more, if you pay a little money.

Core Contributors

The organizations listed here are recognized as being closest to the core development of GeoServer, and as such are usually the best to go to for support. They are close enough to the codebase to know what is possible, and to ensure that any improvement to be made to GeoServer gets done in the right way. This can minimize your risk greatly.

  • Boundless (US) leads the GeoServer effort, and works to ensure that the geospatial community reaps the benefits of open source. Formerly the geospatial division of OpenPlans, Boundless started GeoServer in 2001, and continues to lead the day to day functioning of the community. Boundless employs experts from the open source geospatial community and the broader geospatial field who recognize the power and momentum of open source on the future of the industry. For more information contact contact <at>, or visit the Boundless website for information about GeoServer and OpenGeo Suite support.
  • GeoSolutions (Italy) is a company with a strong commitment to providing innovative, robust, cost-effective geospatial solutions employing cutting edge technologies. Our associates are members the GeoServer control committee, as well as GeoTools and GeoNetwork ones. Our areas of expertise range among rasters management, coordinate transformations and referencing, advanced map rendering, web processing services, spatial database access, vector data access in general, OGC and ebRIM catalog management. We are leading the development of GeoServer-raster (both WMS and WCS) as well as for GeoTools raster plugins, the WPS module, as well as good part of WMS. We have also extensive experience with JAI and ImageIO and lead the imageio-ext project briding native raster image readers (GDAL, ECW, MrSid, JPEG200) with the Java world. For more information please get in touch with Simone Giannecchini or Andrea Aime in the GeoSolutions contact page.

Experienced Providers

The commercial providers in this category have not done major contributions directly to the GeoServer project, but they are trusted as reliable organizations with experience around GeoServer. They are more recommended for those looking for local support, and can grow to become core contributors.

  • LISAsoft (Australia) provides commercial support and training for GeoServer (including a full stack of geospatial software). LISAsoft staff have a breadth of experience with GeoServer, including contributing code, and publishing releases. Supporting GeoServer users with deploying, configuring and optimising GeoServer, app-schema and GeoWebCache. For more information please get in touch via the LISAsoft contact page.
  • The Where Group (Germany), has worked extensively with GeoServer installations, integrating GeoServer through WMS and WFS-T with the Open Source Mapbender client. They are the recommended GeoServer provider for Germany, for installations, training and consultation services. See their Consultation Page for more information.

Additional Services

Anyone can add themselves here as someone who offers any kind of service related to GeoServer. Once they are recognized as valuable members of the community we will upgrade them to experienced providers or core contributors.

  • Camptocamp offers a complete software service package including research and development, consulting, customized project development, training (certified training institution) and support. Camptocamp is a European reference in the area of open source software focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Its team consists of highly qualified and quality-driven professionals, who inspire, master and challenge open source solutions.
  • Alkante company is one of the French leaders in geoInformatics, it is specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Alkante's double core business consists in GIS technologies consulting and GIS solutions development and integration. In particular, Alkante develops applications making data capture, treatment and geographic data diffusion easier.
  • Envitia supplies geospatial software solutions for mission critical systems within government and defence. Envitia helps organisations to make use of geospatial intelligence in critical operational environments through an open systems approach and complements its high performance, specialist software with open source products. Utilising commercially supported open source software within an open systems approach, enables an organisation to achieve sustainable value over the lifetime of the solution.
    Envitia is at the forefront of development and support of open source software, including GeoNetworks, Quantum GIS and the OpenGeo Suite. Envitia have supplemented our expertise in this area with a partnership with OpenGeo.
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