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SLD/SE is the current OGC standard for map styling. While powerful, it's a complex standard that does not work well with the usual set of concept, formats and tools a web designer works with.

This project looks into the creation of a CSS based map styling language that provides the same features of SLD in a more concise and web designer friendly language, following the lead of the cascadenik prototype.

Technical details

The project will start with a design session in which each SLD concept is mapped into CSS, identifying and adding the missing elements required for thematic mapping, scale dependency, and generally speaking, symbolization to feature attributes dependency.

Then a parser will be built that recognizes the language defined above and turns it into a GeoTools Style object that the renderer will use. The student will look into existing Java CSS parser for reuse opportunities.
In order to support expression and filter parsing the GeoTools ECQL will be considered as well.

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