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Timeline of recent GeoServer releases and the features included in each.

Version Date Features
2.0.0 2009 October 23
  • New administration GUI
  • WMS Performance improvements
  • Application schema becomes an extension
  • I'm sure I'm missing something here...
2.0.1 2010 January 10
  • Restful configuration API built-in
  • New Windows installer
  • First SQL server support
  • Cassini-Soldner and equidistant conic projection
  • Dateline wrapping of common projections
  • Label displacement for point labels
  • Geometry transformations
2.0.2 2010 May 10
  • Oracle GeoRaster
  • New CRS chooser with area of validity display
  • Style legend preview in layer configuration
  • SLD parameter substitution
  • Automatic setup of image pyramid
  • WMS/SLD GetStyles
  • Polymorphism in application-schema
2.0.3 2011 March
  • WCS limits
  • Control-flow extension
  • See log files directly from the GUI
2.1.0 2011 May 11
  • WMS 1.3/SE 1.1
  • ECQL support
  • WMS cascading
  • Per workspace virtual services
  • Layers from (parametric) SQL queries
  • WPS, with built in process and request builder
  • Unit of Measure support in SLD
  • WMS DPI scaling
  • Server side file chooser
  • QueryLayer module
  • GML3 encoding in Atom/RSS
  • WCS request builder
  • Raster reprojection speedup
  • Advanced security subsystem (engine only)
  • Improved JPEG2000 support
2.1.1 June 23 2011
  • Postgis 2.0 vector support
  • Teradata database extension
  • Eckert IV, Winkel-Tripel, Robinson projection
2.1.2 ?
  • ESRI friendly prj files out of SHAPE-ZIP
  • Recode/Categorize speedups
2.2.0 tbd
  • Time and Elevation support
  • Rendering transformations
  • WFS 2.0
  • Label obstacles
  • Encode functions in PostGIS SQL queries
  • EPSG:404000
  • Non georeferenced raster store
  • Georectify process
  • BigTiff support
  • ImageIO 1.1/GDAL 1.7.3


A list of features and the sponsor/source of funding.

Feature Developer Sponsor/Contact
New Administration GUI Andrea, Gabriel, David Justin OpenGeo
Application schema becomes an extension Ben, Rini, ... CSIRO
Restful configuration API Justin/David OpenGeo
SQL Server support Justin Justin
Cassini-Soldner and equidistant conic projection Andrea Andrea
Dateline wrapping Andrea FAO/GeoSolutions
Label displacement for point labels Andrea Andrea
Geometry transformations Andrea Andrea
Oracle GeoRaster Christian ?
CRS chooser with area of validity display Gabriel Gabriel
Style legend preview Gabriel Gabriel
SLD parameter substitution Andrea Andrea
Automatic pyramid setup Andrea OpenGeo
WMS SLD GetStyles Andrea OpenGeo
Polymorphism in application-schema Rini CSIRO
WCS limits Andrea MassGIS
Control flow Andrea OpenGeo
Log files in GUI Andrea Andrea
WMS 1.3/SE 1.1 Gabriel, Justin Ordinance Survey
ECQL Mauricio ?
WMS cascading Andrea University of Perugia
Per workspace virtual services Justin Landgate
Layer from (parametric) SQL queries Andrea OBIS
WPS Andrea Andrea, GeoSolutions
UOM support in SLD Milton/Andrea Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, SWECO/Malmo City of Sweden
DPI scalding Andrea SWECO/Malmo City of Sweden
Graphical Server side file chooser Andrea Andrea
QueryLayer module Andrea GeoSmart/GeoSolutions
GML3 encoding in Atom/RSS Andrea NDA/GeoSolutions
WCS request builder Andrea Andrea
Raster reprojection speedup Andrea NDA/GeoSolutions
Advanced security subsystem (engine only) Andrea NDA/GeoSolutions
PostGIS 2.0 vector support Andrea Andrea & Brian Youngblood
Time and Elevation Support in WMS Andrea Lamma/GeoSolutions
Rendering transformations Andrea NURC/GeoSolutions
WFS 2.0 Justin IGN
Label obstacles Justin Trimet
ESRI friendly prj files out of SHAPE-ZIP Gabriel MassGIS
EPSG:404000 Andrea SFMTA
Non georeferenced raster store Daniele SFMTA
Georectify process Daniele SFMTA
Eckert IV, Winkel-Tripel, Mollweide, Robinson projection Andrea FAO/GeoSolutions
Recode/Categorize speedups Andrea NDA/GeoSolutions
BigTiff support Simone GeoSolutions
ImageIO 1.1/GDAL 1.7.3 Daniele GeoSolutions
Improved JPEG2000 support Daniele GeoSolutions

Future Features

Features in the pipeline but not yet stable enough to release.

Feature Developer Sponsor/Contact Status
CSS David David  
DBConfig Justin OpenGeo  
dds Tisham Tisham  
ftp Andrea/Gabriel OpenGeo  
geoxacml Christian Christian  
gss Andrea LISAsoft Transition to "geogit", needs a rename due to OGC
inspire Gabriel Ordinance Survey  
istyler Justin Justin  
monitoring Justin MassGIS  
printing David/Andreas OpenGeo  
proxy David OpenGeo  
python Justin Justin  
sfs Andrea Andrea  
sldService ? ?  
spatialite Justin Justin  
wps-sextante Andrea   Dead, might be backported to GeoTools
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