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GeoTools driver for Microsoft SQL Server.

This project has since been implemented. See SQL Server DataStore for more info.


A GeoTools "DataStore" is a driver for reading and writing geospatial data in a particular format. GeoTools contains drivers for a wide variety of formats, ranging from file formats like Shapefile, GML, MapInfo, to relational databases like PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, and MySQL. Microsoft is now releasing SQL Server with spatial extensions which make it an ideal candidate for a GeoTools driver.

This project involves implementing the GeoTools DataStore interfaces for SQL Server. Students will take an iterative approach to development, with the first iteration being basic read support. Subsequent iterations will involve optimized read support, write support, and transactional write support.

Beneficial (but not mandatory) skills for this project include past experience with GeoTools, and experience programming with JDBC.

Technical Information

The GeoTools DataStore interface is documented here. The interface itself can be found in the subversion repository. During this project students will make use of infrastructure and utilities provided by the GeoTools library. Of most relevance is the JDBCDataStore class, which is an implementation of the DataStore interface specifically for jdbc based relational databases.

The JDBCDataStore class makes use of the notion of a "dialect". A dialect is a strategy which is used to communicate with a particular database. Those familiar with the Hibernate project will be familiar with the notion of a dialect. The primary task of this project will be to implement a dialect for SQL Server.

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