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Developer scratch pad for new and wonderful ideas. There is some overlap between this page and the Roadmap Ideas.

Page Champion Idea JIRA
KMZ KMSCORE feature addition Graham Davis Add new parameter and function to this feature  
GeoServer Modularization Jody Garnett Modular Architecture  
GeoServer 2.0 Design Justin Deoliveira    
GeoServer 2.0 Technology Justin Deoliveira    
GeoXACML Integration Christian Mueller GeoXACML support in Geoserver
Open Source ArcSDE Chris Holmes Open Source ArcSDE  
SpatialDBBox [~dblasby] First step of "Spatial DB in a Box"  
SpatialWikiBlog [~dblasby] Spatializing a Wiki or Blog  
DerivedFeatureType [~dblasby] Creating new FeatureTypes from old ones  
Advanced GML [~dblasby] Nested Objects/Advanced GML  
Observations and Measurements [~rob_cto_sco] Support for GML Observations and Measurements patterns  
GeoServerME [~bowens] GeoServer Mobile Edition  
Google Earth 2.5d Chris Holmes extrude features in GE  
Versioning WFS Andrea Aime The wiki/CVS of spatial data  
WFS 1.1 Justin Deoliveira Next version of the wfs spec  
New user interface Andrea Aime New user interface, both on tech and design points of view  
New configuration Andrea Aime Easier to deal with configuration systems, both for programmers and users alike  
Templates Justin Deoliveira Using templates in GeoServer  
Exposing to Geo Search Chris Holmes Making it so GeoServer gets crawled by Google's Geo Search
MapFish Printing Alan Gerber Giving Geoserver the means to make you lovely PDFs  
Hibernate based catalog Emanuele Tajariol GeoServer db Based configuration, looking for scalability X
GeoServer GeoNetwork Integration Chris Holmes More seamless integration with GeoNetwork / CSW  
Catalog+DAO refactoring Emanuele Tajariol Splitting the Catalog implementation for better maintenance  
Resource *Info beans refactoring Emanuele Tajariol Metadata and data decoupling  
Paging resource lists Emanuele Tajariol Improve UI performance with huge resource sets  

These ideas are often captured in jira as well, this is the scratch pad where we build consensus - consensus is written down as Jira tasks associated with version numbers.

Scratch Pad

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