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Are you in charge of posting the logs from a GeoServer IRC Meeting?  This document will describe the process.

The IRC Logs from the GeoServer weekly meeting are posted on the GeoServer wiki at  Each log should be posted as a News item (not a standard wiki page).  This will ensure that the logs show up in a list on the the IRC Logs page.

In order to make sure that the logs are posted in the correct place, please make sure that you are posting the logs in the GEOS ("GeoServer") space, not the GEOSDOC ("GeoServer Documentation") space. If unsure, please start this process from the main GeoServer homepage at, and not from any other page in the wiki.

To post the logs:

1.  Log in to Confluence (this presumes you have edit rights to the wiki)

2.  Click and expand the Add Content button on the navigation panel on the left side of the page. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: Adding News

3.  Click Add News.  You will be redirected to the New News page. (See Figure 2)

4.  Enter a title in the title bar.  This should be approximately of the form:  "IRC Logs, Month, Day, Year"

5.  In the content area, paste the meeting log.

6.  In order to make the IRC Logs page more accessible, retype the meeting summary at the top of the content area.  Enclose it in excerpt tags.  This will ensure that the summary (and only the summary) will appear on the IRC Logs page.

7.  (Optional) To make viewing the logs even easier, enclose the logs in panel tags.

8.  (Optional) To make parsing the logs even easier, bold the lines in the logs where the topic changes

Figure 2: Adding content to the News page

8.  When finished, click Save.

9.  Visit the IRC Logs page to make sure that the logs show up successfully.  You should see yours at the top of the list.

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