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GeoServer developers are busy writing and improving code, so have scant time to run lots of performance and scalability tests. We test on our own, to make sure that it does scale and is quick, but formalizing the tests and publishing the results is a bit hard for us. So we're hoping that users will contribute their various findings to this page. Please post any kind of testing that you do with geoserver, and be sure to include the details of OS, servlet container, java version, size of dataset, processor speed, RAM, and anything else that might be useful. Comparisons in particular are quite nice. One thing we would love to have benchmarked is the JAI rendering vs. MapServer, as to our eyes the latest improvements have it performing quite nicely, but we don't have any time to do a bunch of tests.

From Greg Cockroft (these were done before JAI improvements, I expect png and jpeg should be faster now):

geoserver 1.2-beta
Redhat 7.3 on dual 2 Ghz processor
Tomcat 5.0.19

400x400 pixel area zoom level 8

Format Time (seconds) Size
GML2 0.256 88,357
GML2.gz 0.758 14,935
svg 0.165 19.419
png 0.347 4,048
jpeg 0.150 21,873

800x800 pixel area zoom level 16

Format Time (seconds) Size
GML2 2.664 1,103,882
GML2.gz 8.311 153,311
svg 1.298 138,831
png 2.387 29,081
jpeg 1.569 129,707
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