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A number of the geoserver developers affiliated with OpenGeo are gathering in New York for an annual meeting and code sprint. Other developers are more than welcome and encouraged to participate in the sprint remotely.


Feb 28 - Mar 1

Sprint Focus

The following areas have been proposed as the focus of the sprint:

Wicket UI

Continue on the momentum of last years sprint which involved the development of a new user interface based on the Wicket framework. The goal being to get it to a point that is close to feature compatible with the current UI.

GeoWebCache Integration

Better integration between GeoServer and GeoWebCache, possibly tying in GWC directly into GeoServer configuration.

Data/Publishing Split

Make some progress on the idea of de-coupling data from publishing. In other words to introduce the ability to publish the same physical resource as numerous layers.

Code Cleanup

General code cleanup on trunk, including:

  • Remove old UI, DTO, and Config code
  • Clean up utility classes
  • Handle various "TODO"'s

Sphinx Documentation

Continue work on porting docs from confluence to sphinx.

REST Config Client Code

Building a java based rest client api, the goal being to allow a geoserver to slave onto another geoserver, loading and persisting configuration via REST calls to the master instance.


Improving the windows installer and making headway on bundling up geoserver for various linux distros.

And the winner is

Code Cleanup! It was decided that the best utilization of everyone's time will be to start porting code to the new catalog and configuration apis. In doing so we can finally kill all config and dto code.

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