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2.5.x Stable

The 2.5.x branch is the stable branch.

Nightly builds for 2.5.x branch

2.4.x Maintenance

The 2.4.x branch is the maintenance branch, plan your upgrade to 2.5.x.

Nightly builds for 2.4.x branch


Master is the development branch, a testing ground for new features. Use with caution, as data corruption may occur.

Nightly builds for trunk

About Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are automatically generated for the actively developed GeoServer branches. These allow you to stay on the cutting edge, check out latest and greatest functionality, and verify recently fixed bugs, without needing to wait for official releases.

Nightly builds are available in the following formats: Web archive (.war) and OS-independent binary (.bin).

The files are named according the form:

  • a.b.x is the branch version number (such as 2.1.x)
  • mmddyy is the date of the build (the most recent build is additionally listed as latest)
  • format is the release format (currently either bin or war)

Extensions are also available as part of the nightly builds. They are located in subdirectories named ext-mmddyy. (The most recent extensions build is additionally listed in the subdirectory ext-latest.)

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