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As observed on the mailing list we are accumulating a number of community modules that lied there inactive for a long time. The purpose of this page is to list all of the community modules and gather feedback on whether someone is still interested in them, or we can safely remove them.

Modules table

Module Interested parties Comments
app-schema/web-service-test Rini Angreani Integration tests of the webservice backend with GeoServer
cite Justin Deoliveira aa: This is the CITE test engine, yet I think Justin has his own more up to date version of it?
jd: The instructions are a bit out of date but i still use the module as is for the cite tests, and then apply some patches to the tests themselves
css David Winslow  
dbconfig Justin Deoliveira  
dds Tisham Dhar  
dxf Mauro Bartolomeoli aa: looks like a recent addition from Mauro Bartolomeoli
Mauro: I would like to promote it to an extension if anyone is interested in it
ftp GeoNode  
geoxacml Christian Mueller aa: this was added by Christian, not sure if there will be a follow up
Christian: yes, I plan to work on this after enhancing geoserver authentification. Please let us keep this module, this was a lot of work, escpicially all the test cases.
gss Jody Garnett aa: this was added by me as a prototype, as far as I know it is going to be used in the next months by an australian project
hello Justin Deoliveira jd: This and hello_web are mentioned from a few tutorials. It would be good to dust them off and update the developer guide with a tutorial
hello_web Justin Deoliveira  
hibernate   jd:First version of hibernate catalog and config. All this was rolled into dbconfig. Pretty sure this one can go.
importer   aa: this was added by me but then was merged into the OpenGeo suite. This code is old, I suggest to just get rid of it
inspire Gabriel Roldán aa: recent addition by OpenGeo
Issues   aa: one of the first community modules, I think it can go
istyler Justin Deoliveira  
kml-ows5   aa: this was done by me as part of OWS5, there may be something to salvage if anyone is interested in improving KML support
monitoring Justin Deoliveira aa: recent addition by OpenGeo
openplans-authentication   dwins: this module can safely go
performanceChecker   aa: empty directory, to remove
printing GeoNode dwins: bump this to extension status?
proxy OpenGeo dwins: used by the suite
aa: Hum, no chance of seeing this bumped to extension?
python Justin Deoliveira  
QueryUsers   dwins: no more maintaining it
release GeoServer aa: used to power the builds of nightly published community modules
scriptlet OpenGeo dwins: OpenGeo javascript team still interested in this
sfs Andrea Aime aa: SFS server implementation. Some day gotta finish it :-p
sldService Alessio Fabiani af: would be the time to merge this on restconfig
spatialite Justin Deoliveira  
teradata Justin Deoliveira  
translator Gabriel Roldán To be removed. Will keep it on a self git branch
WFSGetNearest   aa: this one can go, it has been replaced by an equivalent wps process
wps   aa: contains an old test data directory
wps-sextante   aa: uh, not sure what to do about this one, don't have the spare cycles to maintain it yet would be a pity to throw it away
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