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Email is by far the primary communication for GeoServer users and developers. We recommend all developers subscribe to both 'user and 'devel' lists. Do not email individual developers, even if you know who may have the answer to your question, as others may have your same question, and thus we all replicate less work.

Users mailing list

This list is for users. It's focused on questions about GeoServer itself, but it's also great to post about topics around GeoServer, and implementations of projects on top of GeoServer.
Before sending messages to the list please make sure you have read the user list posting guidelines.

Developer mailing list

This is where all active development of GeoServer takes place. If you're knee deep in the code it's the place to email. Traffic can be high, as we try to make most all conversations public so people know what's going on. Even if this is not the user list most of the guidelines in the user list posting guidelines also apply to the developer list.

Svn commits list

This list gets an email whenever anyone commits code on to the GeoServer subversion repository. Usually only core developers need to subscribe, but if you're interested in tracking the day to day progress of code being built you're welcome to join. Do not post to this list, if you want to email about something on this list then send it to devel.

Mailing lists in other languages

(feel free to add more)

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