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December 4-5 (and eventually, 6 too) 2009 we'll have a Jira Cleanup Sprint.


The objective of the sprint is to cleanup our Jira bug tracker, and in particular:

  • close issues when the bug reported is known (by developers) to have been fixed already
  • close issues that are not relevant to the current GeoServer version anymore
  • ask for more details on issues that do not contain enough information to be reproduced
  • check the problems reported are still there in the current GeoServer version (2.0.x)


Both developers and users are invited to participate to the sprint. Since not everybody has powers to update the Jira issues directly we'll work against a shared Google Spreadsheet where the state of the issues to be processed is updated. This will also allow us to get a summary of what was done during the sprint.

During the first hours a set of core developers will do a very quick scan of the issues and close the obvious ones, that is, then ones that we already know for certain that have been fixed.
Once that is done everybody else will jump into the fray and look into the issues that require some attempt at reproducing the issue, either confirming the issue is still there, asking for more information to reproduce, or closing the issue as fixed.

All participants will coordinate using the #geoserver IRC channel hosted by
If you don't have a IRC client handy but want to participate don't worry, you can use a web fronted to access the IRC channel at, choose a nickname and enter #geoserver as the channel.

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