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Welcome to the GeoServer wiki!

This online resource ( is the place to go for all documentation, downloads, and other information regarding GeoServer and its related software products.  This site has had dozens of contributors over its life, but we are always looking for more helping hands. Anyone can (and is encouraged to) contribute to the site, and this page will get you started with the mechanics of how to do this.
This site is built with Confluence, enterprise wiki software that may be unfamiliar to many people, even if they have edited a wiki before.  Never fear, all the same tools are here, and they will all be described.

Viewing Pages is a public website, and all pages created on it are publicly viewable.

(Add screenshots, discussion of page hierarchy, etc)

Editing Pages

In order to edit pages, however, you need to have an account in Confluence.

(Where on pages to make edits?  Basic style stuff, etc)

Don't Comment:  Edit or Ask!

We have disabled comments on our site. Why? Because everyone has access to make changes to the pages, so if there's information that's incorrect or needs to be updated, anyone who sign's up for an acocount can log in and make the change without waiting for an "administrator" to do it for them. Comments are also disabled to prevent users from asking questions on the pages. We have a very active mailing list that anyone can sign up for and view. (etc)

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