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The following are the relevant jira issues:

Minor: Aesthetics

These are issues of a two-dimensional nature---layout, organization, and content of individual pages.


In alpha2, pages are inconsistent (see: screenshot). We should treat pages in a standard way, as per this mockup:

For the sidebar:

  • Navigation parallels the data (Data -> Workspaces -> Store - > Resource; Publishing -> Map -> Layers) (GEOS-2889)
  • Clarify around distinction b/w resource/layer, configured/published (GEOS-2891)

For tables:

  • Move actions (e.g., Add resource) up above tables (GEOS-2894)
  • Integrate number of results into pagination (GEOS-2904)
  • Capitalize column headings (GEOS-2896)
  • Pagination at top and bottom (GEOS-2897)
  • Increase results to 25 per page
  • Add icon for remove, should perhaps be made to look button-like (GEOS-2899)
  • Replace true/false in "Enabled" column with tick/cross (GEOS-2899)
  • Replace type with icon (e.g., vector, raster, etc.) on tables (e.g., Stores)(GEOS-2901)
  • Clarify the meaning of the 'Filter' (GEOS-2903)
  • "name" is not a good column heading, call it what it is (GEOS-2900)


  • Add icon to "Add...", where approrpiate (GEOS-2899)


  • Workspace Properties: Table heading order should be: Store, Type, Enabled, Remove (GEOS-2998, GEOS-2999)
  • Stores, Layers: what is 'Batch remove..."? (GEOS-2944)
  • Stores: Table heading order should be: Store, Workspace, Type, Enabled, Remove (GEOS-2998)
  • Store Properties: Should have a table of available/configured resources
  • Edit Data Source: Needs a way of seeing and accessing associated resources/layers
  • Add Data Source: Requires URL, why not upload TTW? See: GeoCommons (
  • Add Data Source: Should include and parse the ESRI metadata
  • Layers: Table heading order should be: Layer, Store, Workspace, Type, Enabled, Preview, Remove (GEOS-2998)
  • Layer Properties: Should have a layer preview (GEOS-3000)
  • Layer Properties: Separate Metadata, Spatial, and Attributes tabs (GEOS-3001)
  • Layer Preview: Verify that "Common Formats" links to GeoSearch (if available) instead of OpenLayers
  • Layer group: Styles are live edits, need icon or dropdown (GEOS-3006)
  • Layer group: SRS list should have a link on the title as well (GEOS-3006)
  • Layer group: reverse order, add ordering numbers; e.g., Netflix (GEOS-3007)
  • Workspaces, Layer Groups: CSS issues; e.g., bullets
  • New Workspace: remove whitespace above heading
  • New Workspace: capitalize 'uri' in help text
  • SRS List: Style pagination to match
  • Styles: needs title and descriptive text (GEOS-3008)

Major: Workflows

These are issues of a three-dimensional nature---workflows and issues that require action across multiple pages.

  • Workspace: Add store from workspace screen
  • Store: Add resource from workspace screen
  • Stores: Add store into workspace. Useful?
  • Remove is persistent even if you hit cancel on the form. Change?
  • Tables... Clicking on row or clicking on field?
  • Resource properties: Summary tab should include useful info; ability to preview, export, and publish (e.g.,
  • (2.1) 'Workflow': Add resource -> Save and publish
  • (2.1) 'Workflow': Add layer -> from new resource (add resource) -> publish


  • Plugin and extension management, incl. GeoWebCache
  • Version compatibility of plugins, extensions, and applications
  • Welcome Blank Slate: blank slating. what are the use cases?
    • "Your version of GeoServer is out of date. You are running 1.7.4, download 2.0"
    • Consumers want contact info, a brief explanation of the purpose of the server, and easy access to the data on it.
    • Providers want easy way to see how many resources are configured or not, how many layers are published or not, what plugins/extensions are installed, what are the versions of the plugins, when the last time any user logged in / changed the configuration
  • Batch add/publish workflow (ask Ivan)
  • Styler inline on Layer Properties page
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