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GeoServerEE discussion

This page has been opened to gather ideas and feedback on what we could call GeoServerEE, or GeoServer  2.x or GeoServerMadeFasterRobustAndBeatiful.

Improve robustness of the  GeoServer catalog

I think that we need to improve the robustness of the  GeoServer configuration management subsistem.

  • we need to make the GeoServer configuration subsistem capable of working in a dynamic environment if we want to be able to publish things in near real time as an increasing number of users is asking. The actual subsistem based on files is to too heavy since each time you try to persiste changed, it saves everything to the FileSystem. I would consider explloring a db based mechanism and/or a save-on-dirty mechanism for files with locking.
  • I'd like to have a db based persistence mechanism

OGR based datastore

I think it might be quite nice to have such a datastore, even if we just want to use it to convert native formate to another format.

Generic EE production improvementsREST Improvements

      • Make REST interface safe when used in a multiuser environment.
    • control resource usage, avoid DOS attacks
      • limit WFS request not only by max size (area, force attribute checks)
      • limit WMS requests (image size, geographic area, execution time, disable custom styles, disable specific output formats)
      • same deal with WCS/WPS
    • better integrate in a standard J2EE enviroment
      • JNDI connection pools
      • JAAS security
      • disable our custom logging altogheter, let the container in control
    • better security
      • SSL anyone?
      • encrypt passwords on storage
    • better configurability
      • directory data store
      • self config (IE or just polling)
      • easy to use mosaic/pyramid tools
    • better logging control
      • nowadays standard output logging can consume all hard disk (catalina.out)

Improve on instant satisfaction

  • easier to install on non Win platforms: ubuntu/osx people are used to the easy way (apt-get, installer), if they have to spend a day trying to install GS we just loose them
  • ease up layer mass configuration
  • style editor for noobs, xml haters, and people that cannot waste time alike
  • 5 steps instant client
  • simplify imageio-ext installation
  • automatic mosaic creation
  • automatic overview addition
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