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Under the umbrella of OSGeo, GeoServer proposed five different Google Summer of Code projects. Of these five, two projects eventually found all of:

  • students to work on them
  • mentors to help the students
  • OSGeo Google Summer of Code 2007 'slots' to support both of the above

The official OSGeo tracking page for their Google Summer of Code 2007 students contains a more administrative overview of the various students' progress through their projects.

Proposed Projects

The original [Google Summer of Code 2007 ideas page] includes a list of five projects, along with suggested mentors. Of these five suggested projects two were ultimately matched with students and resources.

Accepted Projects

Project Title Project Details Page Student Mentor
JTileCache   Christopher Whitney Justin Deoliveira
SLD Editor GeoServer Style Editor [~amanfredi] Andrea Aime
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