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Here we will discuss GeoServer and its use with mobile devices (PDAs, cellphones, Blackberries, GPS devices).

Preliminary research has yielded several useful pages:

J2ME (Java2 Micro Edition)

Home page of the Java2 Micro edition.

The Micro Edition of the Java 2 Platform provides an application environment that specifically addresses the needs of commodities in the vast and rapidly growing consumer and embedded space, including mobile phones, pagers, personal digital assistants, set-top boxes, and vehicle telematics systems.


A plugin for Eclipse specializing in helping you work with J2ME.

cGML - Compact GML for Mobile Devices

cGML page

cGML (compact GML, compact Geographical Markup Language) is a XML specification aimed to provide digital maps on small wireless devices.

cGML has been tested on J2ME devices (Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600 and Palm) and PersonalJava PDA (Compaq iPAQ).

SkyLab OGC WMS Client

This is a WMS client for mobile devices. It is free for non commercial use

The OGC WMS Client is a tool, implemented in J2ME, to communicate with OGC conform WMS servers and display the requested maps. It is designed to be run on ultramobile devices like PDAs and mobile phones.

The OGC WMS Client was a demonstration of technology and is no longer under active development! To enjoy the full range of new WMS features use Spot on your mobile or Spot for Blackberry on your Blackberry device instead.

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