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Milestone 1: Crawling + Raster Super Overlays, April 22

Milestone 3: Vector Super Overlays

Technical details here.

Milestone 4: SLD, ?


Milestone 1

Task Description Completed
KML SiteMap    
REST Bindings REST mappings for accessing the KML site map and KML content.
Transformer Transformer for producing KML site map.
Configuration Configuration option to make layer/feature type geosearchable.
FID Filter RESTful KML access by feature id
Paging Paged access to KML content.
GeoWebCache Integration    
GWC context Creating a context for geowebcache to run inside of GeoServer.
Configuration Configuring GeoWebCache from GeoServer WMS Capabilities.
Raster Super-Overlays    
KML Tiling KML region pyramid wrapping Overlays produced by GeoServer.  
Data Setup    
Indexing Server Setup Standing up a GeoServer instance that can be crawled by Google.  

Milestone 2

Task Description Completed
GeoWebCache Vector Overlays    
KML Tiling KML region pyramid wrapping KML placemarks produced by GeoServer.  
KML Caching Caching KML  
Additional Parametesr The ability to specify additional parameters in a request for KML, such as overlayMethod.  
Overlay Filtering    
"overlayMethod" Request Parameter Handling "overlayMethod" format option to specify an overlay method in KML request.  
OverlayFilter Interface Creating an interface for KML transformer to filter features based on view area.  
KMLVectorTx Refactor Refactoring out current (SLD) filter strategy used by KMLVectorTransformer.  
Attribute Overlay Algorithm Overlay filter algorithm based on attribution.  
SLD Overlay Algorithm Overlay filter algorithm based on SLD rules and scales.  
Geometry Regions Overlay filter algorithm based on geometry properties such as area and length.  
SLD Editor    
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