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Promote CSW Module to Extensions.

Proposed By

Niels Charlier

Assigned to Release



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There is a strong demand for CSW support inside GeoServer without the need for GeoNetwork or another tool. The new CSW module provides support for the most basic CSW requests (GetRecords etc..), is very flexible in use and configuration and has proven to be stable and pass the cite tests. It would be an important improvement for GeoServer to get this module officially supported.


The csw modules (api, core and simple-store) must simply be moved from community to extensions.

The plugin building configuration must be updated.


Backwards Compatibility

There are no backwards compatibility issues.


Alessio Fabiani: +1
Andrea Aime: +1
Ben Caradoc-Davies: +1
Christian Mueller:
Gabriel Roldán:
Jody Garnett: +1
Jukka Rahkonen: +1
Justin Deoliveira: +1
Phil Scadden: +1
Simone Giannecchini: +0


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