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Promoto the INSPIRE community module to extension

Proposed By

Andrea Aime

Assigned to Release

GeoServer 2.3.2


Choose one of: Under Discussion, In Progress, Completed, Rejected, Deferred


The INSPIRE community module has been in usage in several production sites around Europe for quite some time. As such, it's time to graduate it to extension.

Graduation checklist:

  • The module has a handful of users (at least 3): yes, the module is in use by a number of production sites that require INSPIRE compatibility in Europe
  • The module has a designated and active maintainer: Andrea Aime
  • The module is considered stable by the majority of the PSC: this is what the PSC will have to vote on
  • The module maintains a 40% test coverage: yes, the module has 85% test coverage
  • The module has no IP violations: all the code has been written from scratch
  • The module has a page in the user manuale: a reference page is available
  • The maintainer has signed the GeoServer contributor Agreement: yep


This section should contain feedback provided by PSC members who may have a problem with the proposal.

Backwards Compatibility

Being an extension, there are no backwards compatibility issues.


Alessio Fabiani:
Andrea Aime: +1
Ben Caradoc-Davies: +1
Christian Mueller: +1
Gabriel Roldán:
Jody Garnett:
Jukka Rahkonen: +1
Justin Deoliveira:
Phil Scadden: +1
Simone Giannecchini: +1


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