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Promote the web-security community module to an extension.

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Francesco Izzi

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Security configuration at this time requires to manually edit the user, layers and service properties file.
This approach is enough boring for User, and sometimes difficult for an inexperienced user.
The idea is to configure the files through the user interface.

Promoting this module to extension would allow configure the GeoServer security through the user interface for release as a GeoServer extension.


  • Move the web-security community module to extension.

This actual implementation adds "security" entry in the GeoServer menu.

Below you will find screenshots for all possible actions.

User List:

Add new User:

Layer Rule List:

Add new layer rule:

New Service Access Rule:

Catalog Mode Management:

Development State:

At this time all the security can be managed through the user interface.


This section should contain feedback provided by PSC members who may have a problem with the proposal.

Backwards Compatibility

This is consistent with GeoServer 2.0 trunk.


Andrea Aime:
Alessio Fabiani
Justin Deoliveira:
Jody Garnett:


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