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Augment GeoServer's exposure in Google's GeoSearch by providing a nice summary page for layers.
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David Winslow

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Google's GeoSearch facilities allow webmasters to have their own data show up in search results on Google Maps. By using the sitemap generation facilities in GeoWebCache, GeoServer administrators can easily have GeoServer data indexed.  This module enhances those search results by linking to a friendly summary page for the layer, rather than sending users straight to GeoServer's KML output. 


There are a few steps needed to get this functionality ready for release:

  • Restructure the existing functionality to produce sitemaps according to the following URL scheme:
    • rest/geosearch/{layer}/{feature id}.kml a geosearch optimized version of the feature, i.e. just a single point
    • rest/geosearch/{layer}/sitemap.xml a sitemap index linking to more sitemaps (50 000 placemarks per sitemap file)
    • rest/geosearch/{layer}/sitemap1.xml etc., these link to the actual features mentioned above
    • rest/geosearch/{layer}/{feature id}.html a HTML page describing the feature, mostly to link forward
    • rest/geosearch/{layer}/{feature id}_goto.kml a KML document described below, links into the hierarchy
  • Document the new behavior in the user guide, building on the existing GeoSearch Modulepage
  • Ensure test coverage is not reduced by the refactoring.

After that, all that is needed is to move the geosearch and rest modules to core for the 1.7.2 release.


This section should contain feedback provided by PSC members who may have a problem with the proposal.


Jdeolive: In terms of the code base what does this entail? Moving rest and geosearch modules to core?

 The geosearch module depends on the rest module, so both need to be available, yes.

Jdeolive: What is the current test coverage of those modules?

 rest: 46%

 geosearch: 49%

Backwards Compatibility

State here any backwards compatibility issues.


Andrea Aime: +1
Alessio Fabiani:
Justin Deoliveira: +1


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