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Have a set of procedure to manage contributed code, allow version access, provide a path for inclusion in the standard distribution.

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Andrea Aime

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Guideline and project governance procedures

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This proposal has been incorporated into GSIP 22 - Community Modules.


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Chris Holmes
Justin Deoliveira
Jody Garnett
Alessio Fabiani
Rob Atkinson
Andrea Aime
Gabriel Roldán


The GeoServer community is growing and contribution from outside of the core development team are becoming more frequent.
Like GeoTools, we should have a formal way to handle community modules that strikes a good balance between the will of being open to the world and the need to keep version control access controlled and code quality acceptable. For reference, here is the GeoTools way to [create a new module].


Creating a new module in the community section should follow the following procedure:

  • e-mail the developer list, talking about the module intent and status (may or may not be already coded)
  • create a wiki page describing the design and functionality of the proposed module, attach eventual initial source code contribution for evaluation, and notify the developer list about the new wiki page
  • read, understand and accept the developer guide
  • get a positive vote from at least one PSC member, and no negative votes. In case of negative vote, the module proposer should try to address the concerns expressed, if this is not possible the inclusion vote becomes a standard PSC vote (usual procedure there).
  • once given svn access, a new module in the community section shall be created. The new contributor shall limit himself to commits in his own module, failure to comply with this requirement will be addressed by the PSC and svn access may be temporarily or definitively suspended.
  • If the new module is meant to become a part of the standard GeoServer distribution the following extra steps must be followed:
  • the mantainer shall sign a CLA
  • the PSC should express a positive vote on the module inclusion


Create a wiki page in the developer's guide detailing this process.

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Andrea Aime

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