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Transition master to Java 7 as Java 6 has been retired.

Proposed By

Jody Garnett (although Andrea Aime provided the initial question).

Assigned to Release

This upgrade will first be public in 2.6-beta. It does not effect 2.5.x or 2.4.x development.


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Upgrading to Java 7 is proposed to reflect out users migration plans. Java 6 security updates are no longer available for download.

This would also enable the use of a newer version of Jetty.


This proposal at a basic level involves updating our documentation:

Known issues with using Java 7:

  • RangeLookupTest: testRangeLookup - Unable to parse the header for the provided input

The other tasks revolve around updating our build servers:

Linux build server

  • master to be built with OpenJDK 7
  • 2.5.x and 2.4.x built with Oracle JDK 1.6

Windows build server

  • master to be built with Oracle JDK 7
  • 2.5.x and 2.4.x built with Oracle JDK 1.6

Since we will be maintaining the use of Java 6 on the stable and maintenance branch our build servers will need some care during configuration.


Email list provided general enthusiasm for try-with-resource and diamond operator (and looks forward to Java 8 features as well).

This is balanced with concern for difficulty accepting patches for the stable branch.

Backwards Compatibility

We should keep use of Java 7 syntax (such as try-with-resource) to a minimum until GeoServer 2.5.0 passes out of maintenance (i.e. end of 2014).

This will allow fixes to be more easily backported.


Alessio Fabiani:
Andrea Aime: +1
Ben Caradoc-Davies: +1
Christian Mueller: +1
Gabriel Roldán: +1
Jody Garnett: +1
Jukka Rahkonen: +1
Justin Deoliveira: +1
Phil Scadden:
Simone Giannecchini: +0


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