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A more relaxed release schedule, extending support out to a year with a maintenance phase.

Proposed By

Andrea Aime Jody Garnett

Assigned to Release

The release that this proposal will be implemented for GeoServer 2.5.0.


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Alleviate the pressure on users to stay up to date, and extend the support window to a year for embedded GeoServer users.


Drop back to releasing every two months, while extending releases out to a year with a new maintenance phase. This results in a "stable" and "maintenance" branch which release on alternate months.

Example of this staggered release idea.

See GeoTools and GeoServer release schedule for final schedule. Justin has volunteered to release GeoServer 2.4.5 the first week of March to ease the transition.

Date 2.6 series 2.5 series 2.4 series
Jan 2014   2.5-beta 2.4.4
Feb 2014 (master) 2.5-rc1  
Mar 2014   2.5-rc2
Apr 2014     2.4.6
May 2014   2.5.1  
Jun 2014     2.4.7
Jul 2014 2.6-beta 2.5.2  
Aug 2014 2.6-rc1   2.4.8
Sep 2014 2.6-rc2
Oct 2014   2.5.3  
Nov 2014 2.6.1    
Dec 2014   2.5.4  
Jan 2015 2.6.2    
Feb 2015 2.6.3    
Mar 2015      
Apr 2015 2.6.4    
May 2015      
Jun 2015 2.6.6    


Discussion looked at making stable releases more often, and less frequently for the maintenance phase. The alternate scheduling resulted in the occasionally month with three releases and the idea was dropped.

Backwards Compatibility

No backwards compatibility issues.


Alessio Fabiani: +1
Andrea Aime: +1
Ben Caradoc-Davies: +1
Christian Mueller:
Gabriel Roldán:
Jody Garnett: +1
Jukka Rahkonen: +1
Justin Deoliveira: +1
Phil Scadden: +1
Simone Giannecchini: +1


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