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The bootstrapping of the Project Steering Committee, to give it power in a formal motion
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Chris Holmes
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Jody Garnett +1
Rob Atkinson +1
Alessio Fabiani +1
Gabriel Roldán +1
Chris Holmes +1
Andrea Aime +1
Justin Deoliveira +1


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The GeoServer community has gotten strong enough that a benevolent dictator model no longer makes sense. Power should also be distributed to all who have contributed extensively, so that no one organization controls the direction of the project. The community has done a decent job of bootstrapping itself, and it's always been TOPP's intention to move to a PSC model when appropriate.

The formation of the PSC should hopefully make GeoServer an even more open project, and ideally even attract further outside contributors, who can feel confident that we are a merit based project - that extensive contributions are rewarded with full say in the future direction of the GeoServer Project.


The Project Steering Committe shall be initially formed with the following members:

  • Alessio Fabiani
  • Andrea Aime
  • Chris Holmes
  • Gabriel Roldan
  • Jody Garnett
  • Justin Deoliveira
  • Rob Atkinson

Chris Holmes will serve as the initial chair. These were gathered by a voting procedure to bootstrap the initial group. Future decisions will be made by the PSC. PSC procedures are outlines in 'Implementation'


The current procedures of the PSC will always be located at the PSC page. It details the structure, responsibilities, and procedures of the PSC. This is a living document, and by following the procedures laid out within it the PSC can change the guidelines. Small tweaks can also be made without formal proposals.


  • Alessio Fabiani
  • Andrea Aime
  • Chris Holmes
  • Gabriel Roldan
  • Jody Garnett
  • Justin Deoliveira
  • Rob Atkinson
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