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Things to remember:

  • Keep this document step by step. Explanation and justification does not belong here, put it in an article or blog post
  • Make section headings consistent. This includes capitalization, verb tense, terminology, etc...

GeoServer and GeoWebCache Configuration

This tutorial applies to GeoServer 1.7.2 and above.

Add any additional requirements or assumptions. For instance:

This tutorial assumes that GeoServer is running on http://localhost:8080.


A brief overview of what the user will accomplish in this tutorial. If any background information must be given, keep it short and to the point.

Getting Started

Outline any steps or pre-requisites the user must carry out which are not explicitly covered in the tutorial. Examples might be installing GeoServer itself, installing an extension or plugin, setting up a particular dataset, etc... Display in numbered form. Example:

  1. Install GeoServer.
  2. Install the ArcSDE extension.
  3. Create the feature type foo from the shapefile foo.shp, available here.

Step One

The first step of the tutorial. Use the following conventions when producing content:

  • Use italics when writing a file path. Example: C:\Program Files\GeoServer 1.6.0.
  • Use a code block for any code or configuration files. Example:
  • Use monospaced text when describing user interface elements: Example: Config->Data->FeatureTypes.

Step Two

The second step of the tutorial.

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