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Hit list for developers interested in Dec 2013 Fix Sprint. Add your name to the page along with any issue you intend to work on. Andrea is will also provide a list of issues that should be quick to fix.

You can mark fixes that require community testing here, and that will be noted in the eventual blog post.

Easy Issues

See spreadsheet: Dec 13 code sprint tasks


  • TBD


  • WFS 2.0 filter example and demo request
  • Update: I have been ambushed by a manager and have a long meeting. No sprint for me! Have a safe and relaxing festive season. See youse in the new year.

Jody Garnett:


  • Docs and debugging fiddler/poster


  • TBD

Fixed List

The following issues have been fixed during the sprint, grab a Nightly build and verify they are fixed!

  • TBD
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