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If you see a cool mapping application, mention it here.

Travel mapping by $$

Jackie found this one:

Type in your city and a price, and it maps the places you get to!

Ancient World Maps ("political" boundaries over time)

I found another one:
Map of the ancient world for students. Taking maps from UNC-CH, Sean Gillies georeferenced it and uploaded it as a layer in the ZCO demo (layer rve11)

Some tiling systems

Here's a few tiling maping systems:

google maps (
ka-map (
another AJAX (
a macromedia one (

Google Hack - pictures of a university

earth comber

(this is very much like my original idea for storing pictures, and one of the web services I made for the MUM3 conference. But I like theirs better)

PDF maps

I've seen a few good PDF maps. There seems to be two types - ones based on images (which you cannot really zoom in on), and ones based on vectors (which you can zoom in on). There are hybrid ones too.

I find these 2 maps pretty accessible since you can easily zoom around on them.

  • ZOOmap.pdf - The Bronx Zoo
  • subwaymap.pdf - NY Subway system map

Community Mapping

NY runner's mapping

This a simple little mapping application that lets you plot your running route on a map and then track your training. Very neat application. You can login as "guest" password "guest". If you zoom in you'll eventually see TIGER data.

This is probably the 1st real community mapping project I've actually ever seen/used. We should talk to these guys.


NY Smugmug map

Yosemite SVG

Lots of nice features:
(need adobe svg plug-in)


Geoserver and ka-map

Geoserver with the ka-map "google maps" look and feel: 

tavelocity.gif (image/gif)
ancientmap..jpg (image/jpeg)
ghack_earthcomber.gif (image/gif)
subwaymap.pdf (application/pdf)
ZOOmap.pdf (application/pdf)
smugmap.jpg (image/jpeg)

There's one more interesting site at The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection ( If you try The GIS Browser (professional version), it not only shows detailed overlays of maps and geospatial data, but also fullfill the idea of "geo-writable" in some way.(see our idea about "Community GIS over the Web: A Categorization and Analysis" at

Posted by andreahuang at Jul 05, 2005 23:46

Another great site I recently found is  The site has a great collection of GPX routes for hiking, mtn biking, climbing, etc. and the map interface makes it very easy to find what you are looking for.  I think it has great potential.

Posted by hartmanz at Nov 15, 2006 23:12

I'm the creator of Thanks for the nice words. We are working on a big upgrade which will be launched very soon. Check the beta out on

Posted by mhoegh at Nov 20, 2006 07:27
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