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Historically feature access and editing has been achieved through the WFS and WFS-T interfaces. The Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) presents an alternative way to expose access to feature data. It is potentially a much cleaner solution as it focuses on a much simpler protocol.

This project involves working on building AtomPub/REST interfaces for GeoServer, and hooking them up to the existing feature access infrastructure used by WFS.

Beneficial (but not mandatory) skills for this project would be a familiarity with REST and AtomPub, and any existing experience with GeoServer and GeoTools.

Technical Details

Over the past year much research has gone into supplementing GeoServer with a REST api, based on the Restlet framework. It currently lives as an extension in subversion, available here. Students will make use of this work during implementation.

The student will draw inspriation from the GeoSearch project, which involves exposing KML produced by GeoServer to Google Search. And from the [GeoSync|] project, which uses AtomPub as the API for a geo-synchronization service.

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