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The GeoServer 2.0 release is focused on the new wicket UI and getting it in the hands of the public.

We are in the final stages of the 2.0 development and are planning by the day. There is an opportunity to help out (please test a nightly release with your data - the next week represents your best chance this month to get assistance as many of the developers will be away at FOSS4G).

Date Target Notes
October 1st GeoTools 2.6-M3 Used to check release process, and short list problems to fix
October 2nd    
October 3rd    
October 4th    
October 5th    
October 6th ImageIO-EXT 1.0.4 Fix ECW crash
  Trunk frozen Testing team invited test nightly builds
October 7th Testing Testing team invited test nightly builds
October 8th Testing Testing team invited test nightly builds
October 9th Testing Testing team invited test nightly builds
October 9th GeoServer 2.0-RC2 Release Candidate
  GeoTools 2.6-RC  
October 10th   no planned activity
October 11th   no planned activity
October 12th   no planned activity
October 13th   no planned activity
October 14th   no planned activity
October 15th   no planned activity
October 16th GeoServer 2.0 Release should be identical to 2.0-RC2
  Trunk thawed  

To be clear after Friday 9th of October trunk will be frozen and no new development will occur until 2.0 is released. If required weekly release candidates will be produced; but we expect the nightly builds to be available when sorting out any issues not identified previously.

Crucial to this process is the production of a windows installer - as the majority of our users manage their environment in this manner.

Please note we are taking a hard line now; so that we do not end up with weekly releases of 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2.

This Week

We are in the final push for a code freeze; a couple of things are going on:

  • Simone is working fixing some encoding bugs - it looks like we will need to upgrade to imageio-ext 1.0.4 to prevent an ECW crash
  • GEOS-3516 KML and WMS reflectors do not work anymore

With those two out of the way we would like to have code freeze allowing a week of testing with our users list (yeah users list!) before making the release on the October 12th.

This may cause a few tears as we expect some last minuet bug fixing for the conference - sorry! Without a freeze and a release there will be even less to show at FOSS4G.

Recent Activity

Various admin UI related fixes and catalog management fixes, various improvements in the mosaic code since last release, plus the usual assortment of minor fixes (see the JIRA links for details).

Testing Priorities

Check the user interface and configuration for glitches, in particular:

  • try the various configuration editing workflows (add layers, edit styles, remove stores and whatnot)
  • edit, save, verify the contents are the expected ones
  • restart the server and check the configuration was properly persisted (or check the contents of the various XML files on disk and see that it reflects what was being edited)
  • test the new PostGis data store against various versions of PostGis versions and with different workloads


Resolved Issues are resolved and may be closed when tested
Open Issues Issues are open, reopened, or inprogress
Closed Issues closed for this release
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