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New User Interface

The GeoServer web administration interface has been completely redone for 2.0. The new UI provides a much more integrated and convenient workflow for configuring GeoServer instances. It is based on the Wicket library which provides a framework for building ajax enabled rich web applications.

Security UI Extension

One of the nice things about Wicket is its extensibility. Francesco Izzi and the developers from the geoSDI project have contributed a plug-in for configuring the GeoServer security sub system.

Complex Features

GeoServer 2.0 comes with core support for application schemas and complex features. This is the result of many years of effort from both the GeoTools and GeoServer communities and it is finally available in the main development branch.

To learn more about GeoServer and application schemas check out the documentation.


GeoServer 2.0 also brings notable scalability and performance improvements. Much of this has come out of participation in this years WMS Shootout at the FOSS4G conference in Sydney. The shootout is an benchmarking exercise to analyze the performance of both GeoServer and MapServer.

New Catalog and Configuration

While not so much a feature intended to be noticed by users, this is an important one for developers. The backend catalog in GeoServer has been overhauled to provide a much more flexible api for storing configuration. This overhaul is laying the groundwork for some very important future work, most notably the hibernate catalog.

And Much More...

2.0 also contains a heap of bug fixes and other minor improvements. Download 2.0 and try it out. For those upgrading to 2.0 be sure to read the upgrade notes.

Let the GeoServer community know what you think on the users list.

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